National Reading Day is a day to celebrate literacy. Please join the millions of young children who will be involved in National Reading Day activities on January 23, 2023. National Reading Day is the perfect time to get young readers excited about enhancing their reading skills. Below is a list of suggested activities for National Reading Day. We hope that this list helps to make your National Reading Day a true celebration of literacy!

Wear Your Favorite Hat

Kids have a great time when they wear a hat that relates to their favorite book. There’s something about wearing a football helmet, pirate hat, or princess tiara that really gets young readers excited about books!

Teacher Swap

Students love to have teachers from other classrooms visit and read books to them.

Staff Reading

Help your students become more enthusiastic about reading when the support personnel they already know (school secretaries, cafeteria staff, maintenance workers, etc.) drop by and read one of the class’s favorite books. This will excite and encourage them to be more enthusiastic about reading.

Student Book Exchange

Students bring in gently used books, and those books are put into a book exchange. The students then take turns selecting books from the book exchange. Students are allowed to pick as many books from the book exchange as they have contributed to it.

Community Heroes

There are many people in your community who might be called “everyday heroes.” Police officers, firefighters, rescue personnel, and other public service workers make excellent guest readers. If possible, have your students read some books about these professions before the community heroes visit your class. This is a great opportunity to prepare your students for the visit, and encourage their participation in a question and answer session.

Favorite Author

Select an author whose books are popular with your students. Make sure that you have plenty of those books available for children to read a couple of weeks before National Reading Day. Then, you can spend National Reading Day enjoying that author’s books with your students.